Becoming Whole...

OMG… What a weekend it has been!! 
If you’ve been following along on social media, you saw that I spent this past weekend at the Refresh Retreat in Cancun. Refreshing is an understatement to say the least!! 
Everything about this weekend was in alignment with this month’s theme of Becoming HER - a WHOLE woman. (Wealthy, Healthy, Orderly, Led by God, Excellence)
There’s so much to unpack and process from this amazing experience but here are a few takeaways I want to share… 
  • The most important relationship you can work on is your relationship with God. Be intentional with nurturing your spirit and cultivating a deeper, more intimate relationship with God to be sure your plans align with His.
  • Investing in your personal growth and development is crucial. I challenge each of you to get intentional with investing in YOU. Find ways to grow, stretch, and expand the woman you’re becoming.
  • There’s power in journaling. Write the vision. Make it plain. Putting it on paper makes this more than a random wish! Writing it is reaffirming it! Dream big! Write boldly!
  • Your mindset matters. You can only go as far as your mind will allow you. Free yourself from any limiting beliefs and know that you are worthy of a life filled with abundance.
  • Sisterhood is essential. Oftentimes, there’s a negative stigma around women’s empowerment events but let me say this, relationships with women are essential and much needed. We as women, need women - specifically we need to be surrounded by the women that inspire us, encourage us, challenge us, and want to see us win!
  • There’s power in consistency. You are what you consistently do! Create routines that bring you closer to the woman you’re becoming!
This is only a small snippet of the confirmation I received. Stay tuned as I will be sharing much more. Now I have a question for you… How can you be more intentional with aligning yourself with the woman you are becoming? 
It’s never too late to start your journey of becoming HER - the highest and best version of yourself. All it takes is a decision and the right tools. If you haven’t done so already, grab your Planned on Purpose Planner and start your journey today. I'm going higher this year and I want you to do the same!