Let the good times roll!!!

February is here and the good times are rolling in. Parades, Mardi Gras balls, Valentine's, Galentine's… you name it! But sis, this is not the time to slack or neglect your goals!
There's lots to do, places to go, and goals to achieve in the shortest amount of time! The key to productivity this month is setting boundaries and priorities. 
Here's why… Before you can do all the things and show up for others, you must first check in with yourself and decide what's a priority to you.  This may include saying NO to some things so you can say YES to you.
The next step to a productive February is keeping your goals in front of you. Yep, pull that planner out!!  Make it a habit to check your planner weekly to plan ahead and prioritize.  In the midst of all the fun and festivities make sure you're taking intentional action that align with your goals! Plan out your workouts, set a budget, and show up to the events that will refill you. Whatever you do, keep the promises you made to yourself.
And listen, I totally get it! You might feel like there's not enough time in the day – or making yourself and your goals a priority is a stretch.  That's understandable and totally normal..  This was once me too… And the very reason why the  Planned on Purpose Planner was created.  It was designed to help you find balance and be intentional in your daily life while setting purposeful goals.  It's the perfect tool to help you prioritize yourself, your goals and live on purpose! 
In case you missed it… The Self- Love Challenge is happening over in The Glow Circle. We are saying “no” to things so we can say “yes" to the people, places and things that are nourishing to our spirits and move us forward. Don't miss it.