Love YOU more this Feb-YOU-ary!

Happy Monday!! 
It's the week of LOVE!  And as you know we are talking all things Self-LOVE!
While self-love can often look like spa days, mini facials, or manis & pedis.  I want to remind you that self-love goes much deeper.  It can also look like commitments, promises, boundaries, self-discipline, dreams, goals, consistency and honoring YOU. 
Here are a few things that come to mind when I think of self-LOVE:
  • Showing up for ourselves first, so we can best serve those around us.
  • Sticking to the commitments we make to ourselves.
  • Keeping our own promises to ourselves.
  • Giving ourselves grace.
  • Talking kindly to ourselves.
  • Forgiving ourselves.
  • Loving ourselves for where we are today, while still wanting to grow and change.
  • Only saying yes to the things and people that are in alignment with our values, goals and purpose.
  • Treating our bodies kindly by nourishing them, resting them, strengthening them, and loving them.
  • Fueling our minds with positivity and silencing the negative self talk
  • Following our passions without outside opinions.
  • Connecting deeply with who we are at our core and living fully in who we are authentically.
  • Not comparing ourselves to anyone other than who we were yesterday.
  • Celebrating progress over perfection!
  • Investing in your personal growth because YOU are the best investment you will ever make!
Listen, it's not easy. Every day is a new opportunity to love yourself more. It's a daily commitment that takes intentionality. As you set your top priorities and goals for this week in your Planned On Purpose Planner, be sure to include YOU! Your weekly focus, affirmation, and habits should include things that refill, inspire, and honor YOU. And that my dear, is the key to self love and living on purpose.