Word of the Year

Ready or not. 2023 is officially here!
Hopefully you’ve been following along and doing the work to set the tone for the direction you want your year to go. If so, now it’s time to choose a WORD for 2023.
Choosing a word for the year keeps you connected to your vision, your values, and most importantly, your WHY. This is a single word that can provide daily motivation and has the power to keep you moving forward and your momentum high!
If you choose the word “focus”, eliminate the distractions. If you choose “intentional”, move through the year on purpose. If you choose “abundance”, trust that you will have more than enough! Your word should be in full alignment with your goals and intentions so when you’re getting off track, your word snaps you back or if you lose sight of your “why”, it helps you to refocus.
Today, I encourage you to take a few minutes to sum up your hopes and dreams for 2023 into one meaningful word. Something that you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind and will keep you anchored to your goals as you go about each day.
Once you’ve chosen your word, reply to this email or share on social media.  Be sure to tag me and @theonpurposelifestyle. We’d love to hear it!